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Garden Club of SC

Attn: Pres. Linda Howle

701 Gervais Street

Suite 150-142

Columbia, SC  29201-3066

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Camp Wildwood

Administrative Staff

PO Box 167

Columbia, SC  29202

SC Dept. of Natural Resources

Attn: Dir. Robert Boyles Jr.

PO Box 167

Columbia, SC  29202

Hey y'all,

Hope your summer is going great!  I know y'all are eagerly waiting for the video!  Well, the time has arrived.  This year we are doing things a little differently.  Instead of doing an evaluation, we are asking that you commit to writing a thank you note! 


Below are three different individuals (sponsors) and we are encouraging you to pick one and write a simple thank you note.  Tell them how you enjoyed your time at Wildwood and thank them for their support!  You are welcome to send to all three, but at least one.  As a treat, we will share the link to the video.  

So, how can I check if you sent a note, I can't but I hope you will.  Both the DNR and the Garden Club have new leadership.  Let them hear your voice.  Your words will do more for the program than any evaluation.  Please help!  Addresses are below.  Click on one of the logos below for the link to the video.  Thank you!

It's more than a camp, more than friendship, it's family!

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