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First Year

The 1st year program is the heart and soul of Camp Wildwood.  Daily activities include instruction in fisheries, forestry, firearm safety, orienteering, first aid, soils and wildlife.  The hands-on classes are conducted outdoors by professional resource staff members.  Afternoon activities include sports such as softball, swimming and volleyball. 

Dances, campfires and skit night are some of the most popular evening activities.  As in true "Wildwood Style" we don't show all our cards.  There will be surprises around every corner to keep you smiling and having the time of your life!

Camp Wildwood is a community of people who live,  learn and enjoy nature related activities together.  Counselors live in the same cabins as campers, providing constant interaction between the camper and counselor.


Second Year

The 2nd year program was developed back in 1977 to further the Camp Wildwood experience. Twenty campers from the previous year are invited back to attend a program based in the Upstate of South Carolina. The professional staff and counselors that select these 2nd year campers believe that they possess leadership, maturity and dedication, which if nurtured, leads to the wise use of natural resources. 

During this week, the 2nd year campers will experience challenging but fun adventures. The goal is for them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationship with other people, and the natural world.

Third Year

The Camp Wildwood 3rd year program is much different than 1st and 2nd year. The 2nd year campers from the previous year are invited to take place in this coastal excursion. The program teaches the campers about the coastal ecosystem while campers do hands-on activities such as fishing, exploring Botany Bay, touring the state aquarium in Charleston, and much more. 


The experience of 3rd Year is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The campers grow very close throughout the week and embrace each other as family by the time the week is over. Many campers say the 3rd year program is the highlight of their Wildwood experience. 

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