You're Coming to Camp?

Here's what to bring!

What to bring to Camp Wildwood!

o NEW-COVID RELATED: Bring several face-coverings/masks for the week.  We want the camper to feel comfortable in what they like to wear.  We will have disposable masks available if they need them.
o NEW-COVID RELATED: Even though there will be an ample amount of hand sanitizer around, we are encouraging campers to bring a small bottle to keep with them.  It would be great if they could refill the bottle from the ones we supply.
o Water Bottle, Nalgene type with large enough mouth to put ice in with cap.
o Comfortable clothing - shorts, jeans, shirts, blouses, underwear, etc. for seven days
o Swim Suit (at least 2)
o Dress Clothes (one change, this is important for our Friday Night Banquet)
o One change of long pants that will get soiled. Pants you do not mind getting recycled.
o Rainwear
o Light jacket or sweater
o Blanket or Sleeping bag
o Single sheets, pillow, and pillowcase
o Towels and washcloth
o Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. 
o Laundry Bag (also a trash bag for wet clothes)
o Pencil or pen and notebook
o Spending money for the canteen $20.00 (Please Bring $5.00s and $1.00s, ONLY)
o Wrist Watch
o Flashlight and extra batteries
o Footwear - old tennis shoes (one pair that can get wet in fisheries class, please make sure that they are closed-toe) Teva/Chaco/Keen like sandals, shower shoes, extra tennis shoes. Flip flops are acceptable for some activities.
o Optional Items: Camera, insect spray, sunscreen, envelopes and stamps, books, etc.
o One night we will have a luau. If you have a spare Hawaiian shirt laying around, you might want to bring it.