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FAQ's for Camp Wildwood 3rd Year

Company Overview

Nautical Eye is environmental intelligence. Nautical Eye was created by GeoThinkTank LLC, a technology company located in Washington, DC. GeoThinkTank LLC has been in business for 6+ years providing innovative imaging science and geospatial consulting support to US Government customers that include: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Applications & Research (STAR), and NOAA Fisheries’ Marine Mammal Laboratory (MML). We know the power of environmental systems, data, and the need for them. Combined with our passion, experience, and expertise in geospatial data processing, data analysis, and operational meteorology - we know environmental intelligence and are determined to provide the most advanced environmental intelligence products available. Over 6 years ago, I Francis Padula (CEO), created GeoThinkTank LLC with the mission to bring sensors to life. We are determined to transition research into innovative solutions applicable to everyday life. Nautical Eye is our first commercial product that brings together a unique set of subject matter expertise combined with years of experience to provide environmental intelligence at your fingertips. We want Nautical Eye to help foster a connection to our blue planet in the hope that it inspires greater appreciation, respect, and a passion to explore, enjoy, and protect it. We aim to be the trusted source of environmental intelligence. Our research and development efforts are focused on ensuring that our services provide users with the most advanced products available. We aim to do this through our own internal research & development, collaborations with government & academic institutions, and other companies and organizations to advance our mission.

Press Contact

Francis Padula CEO | GeoThinkTank LLC 571-214-3581

Product Information

Nautical Eye is environmental intelligence - a mobile app for nautical and maritime applications that provides users with a time sensitive comprehensive picture of their environment to inform and aid their decision making. We do this by providing: Data – from our state-of-the-art environmental geospatial data services Reports – from professional local experts & businesses Here is what’s included in the mobile app subscription: Local reports from professionals & U.S. businesses nationwide:

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Watersports
  • Marinas
  • More
Custom Satellite Products
  • Water Surface Temperature (updated hourly)
  • Water Turbidity (updated daily)
  • Ocean Color (updated daily)
NOAA National Weather Service Hourly point weather (0-36 hours) Wind, Weather, Waves Tide forecasts (7 days) NOAA Point and Marine Zone text forecast products Nautical Charts - customizable map display features Wrecks & Reefs - interactive map to access Latitude & Longitude of the data Real-Time NOAA Watches, Warnings, Advisories Hourly Surface Observations National Weather Radar (every 2 min) Satellite Observations (every 5 min)
  • Imagery of Clouds & Earth’s Surface
  • Total Lightning
NOAA National Weather Service 7 Day Graphical Forecast Maps
  • Weather
  • Wind Speeds
  • Wind Gust
  • Wave Height
  • Dew Point Temperature
  • Temperature
Opt-In location based lightning notifications - get notified when lighting strikes near you from geostationary lightning observations (every 5 min) In map measurement tools My location features Weather & Environmental Data Nautical Eye wants to ensure your access to data and much more. Real-time data means NOAA satellite imagery of the Earth and its atmosphere, from geostationary orbit, every 5 mins over the Continental US (CONUS) and satellite observed total lightning. We have also developed products using new NOAA satellites in Low Earth Orbit to provide custom satellite derived products (updated as much as hourly) of water surface temperature, ocean color, and water quality over the Northern regions of the Western hemisphere. Our product suite also includes timely surface observations (from meteorological stations, buoys, tide/current stations, and ships), radar observations (every 2 min), NOAA forecast weather & tide products, nautical charts, wrecks and reefs charts, & opt-in lightning notifications that let you know when lightning has been observed near you. We are transparent about where our data comes from, where and when it was reported, & will not manipulate the data for the sake of visual appeal. Environmental Intelligence Reports We developed a proprietary state-of-the-art geospatial information and advertising platform, the Nautical Eye Environmental Intelligence Reporting System (NEEIRS), that enables local reporting and location-based advertising connecting Nautical Eye users to businesses & organizations nationwide. Nautical Eye mobile users seek local knowledge & opportunities. Businesses can take advantage of our state-of-the-art geospatial platform to contribute time sensitive local reports that inform users & advertise their services - an Ad-Report. Ad-Reports are more detailed and engaging than traditional advertisements and are specifically designed for businesses offering fishing charters, boating charters, watersport charters / shops / rentals, bait shops, and marinas. Ad-Reports provide time sensitive, geospatial information that our mobile users seek. Ad-Reports provides a platform for businesses to become the trusted source of environmental intelligence reporting in their area. In addition, our service enables location-based advertisements for businesses, events, and or organization’s call-to-action using our state-of-the-art geospatial platform. Advertisements are more traditional than Ad-Reports and require less management. Nautical Eye is an environmental intelligence information and advertising platform. We help businesses and organizations promote themselves and encourage users to contact them directly for their services. Pricing: Nautical Eye Mobile Application in the Apple & Google Play Stores: Base - Free
  • All access to Nautical Eye reports, current conidtions, NOAA special weather statements, and point forecasts (0-36 hours: wind, weather, tides, & waves) for the USA.
Pro - $9.99/month or $99.99/year
  • All access to Nautical Eye data & custom products with a single subscription
Nautical Eye Environmental Intelligence Reports System (NEEIRS) web-based platform:
  • Ad-Reports: $12.99 monthly & $99 yearly (launch pricing)
  • Advertisements: $150 monthly & $1500 yearly (launch pricing)


Coming Soon.

Notable Media Mentions, Publications, & Awards

GeoThinkTank LLC in the news: NOAA/NASA (GOES-R Field Campaign Project Management Support):

NOAA Fisheries Support Peer-Reviewed Publications:
  • Padula, F. & Cao, C., Detector-level spectral characterization of the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite long-wave infrared bands M15 and M16, Appl. Opt. 54, 5109-5116 (2015)
  • Padula, F.P., Schott, J.R., Historic Calibration of the Thermal Infrared Band of Landsat-5 TM, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 76, 11, pp. 1225-1238 (2010)
  • Padula, F., Schott, J., Barsi, J., Raqueno N. and Simon, H. Calibration of Landsat 5 Thermal Infrared Channel: updated calibration history and assessment of the errors associated with the methodology, Can. J. Remote Sensing, Vol. 36, No. 5, pp. 617-630, 2010
Technical Presentations/Publications:
  • 21st Annual New York Maple Producer's Winter Conference 2016: Padula, F. January 2016. Assessing the Value of Remote Sensing Capabilities for Maple Producers: From Satellites to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) [presentation]
  • Conference on Characterization and Radiometric Calibration for Remote Sensing (CALCON) 2015: Padula, F., Goodman, S., Cao, C., & Wu, X. August 2015.
  • GOES-R Field Campaign: Addressing the Validation Challenges of Geostationary Satellite Observations
  • IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS): Padula, F. & Cao, C. July 2015.
  • GOES-R ABI Detector-Level Spectral Response Function Performance Characterization 2015
  • NOAA Satellite Conference: Padula, F., Cao, C., Laszlo, I., Yu Y., & Goodman S. April 2015.
  • Evaluation of Near Surface UAV Capabilities for the GOES-R Field Campaign SPIE Optics + Photonics: Padula, F. and Cao, C. September 2014.
  • Preliminary study of the Suomi NPP VIIRS detector-level spectral response function effects for the long-wave infrared bands M15 and M16. Proc. SPIE 9219, Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXII
  • SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing: Padula, F., Gross, H., Pogorzala, D. April 2011. A scalable hierarchical approach for leveraging low resolution imagery for image classification.
  • 17th Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography: Padula, F., Cao, C. September 2010.
  • GOES-R ABI spectral sensitivity analysis using hyperspectral observations. CALCON 2010: Padula, F., Cao, C., August 2010.
  • Hyperspectral Lunar Surface Characterization using NASA EO/1 Hyperion Data in Support of GOES-R ABI Calibration/Verification.
  • IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS): Padula, F., MacDonough, J., Bondy, D., Cook, M. July 2010.
  • Automated Supervised Landuse Classification and Change Detection: an Image Fusion Based Approach.
  • 2010 GOES-R Algorithm Working Group and GOES-R Risk Reduction Review Conference: Padula, F., Cao, C. June 2010. GOES-R Calibration Working Group Update.
  • Optical Society of America (OSA) Remote Sensing of the Environment: Padula, F., MacDonough, J., Bondy, D., Cook, M. June 2010. An Automated Hybrid Approach to Large Area Land Use Classification and Change Detection.
  • 2009 31st Review of Atmospheric Transmission Models Meeting: Padula, F. and Schott, J. 2009. Atmospheric Error Propagation: Validating the Landsat 5 Thermal Calibration Process.
  • American Geophysical Union Fall 2008 Meeting: Padula, F. and Schott, J. 2008. Thermal Calibration of Landsat 5 TM from 1985 to the Present.
  • 2008 IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium: Padula, F. and Schott, J. 2008. New Methodology for an Improved Thermal Calibration of Landsat 5 Through Fusion of Environmental Data Sources.
  • 2008 American Meteorological Society Northeast Storm Conference: Padula, F. and Schott, J. 2008. Landsat 5 Thermal Calibration Approach.

Past Press Release

April 06, 2020 - Press Release: Apple’s recent purchase of Dark Sky & Dark Sky API will have no effect on our service. Nautical Eye is powered by our own proprietary state-of-the-art data engine - Application Programing Interface (API). We’ve gone to great lengths to develop a custom data engine to ensure on-demand delivery of data to help you connect with our blue planet. We will continue to strive to provide the best weather, environmental, and forecast data possible. Nautical Eye is environmental intelligence to your fingertips.

Media Assests

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