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Hey!  Wanted to touch base about bringing a set of old clothes and shoes.

  • One item that campers need is an old pair of shoes.  We do several activities in the water that require shoes (lace-up).  They also need to be closed-toed.  Even though crocks and chacos are welcome at camp, they are not allowed for these activities.  Long story short, bring a pair of shoes you don't mind getting wet and dirty.

  • We also do another activity where you need to bring an old pair of jeans and a long sleave shirt.  Yet another activity that we do at camp.  These clothes will get muddy and wet.  You might not even want to take them home with you, just saying.

On a different topic, I had a question about a "nice change of clothes".  The answer is nothing fancy like a tux or tie and jacket.  The girls usually wear a sundress or similar and guys usually wear khakis and a polo.

As always, questions?  Text 803.609.1072

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