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It's more than camp; It's more than friendship; It's family...

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Camp Wildwood Dates for 2021:


Our First Year Program is held at Kings Mountain State Park with around 100 campers. The program teaches campers about conservation of the outdoors while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

The Second Year of camp is a smaller group with around 20 campers who take an adventure in the upstate. Campers build relationships through activities like rock climbing, white water rafting and hiking the foothills trail.

The Third Year of camp is a coastal adventure. Twenty or so campers head down to Donnelly WMA on the ACE Basin for an adventure that includes canoeing, learning about sea turtles and shark fishing.

Welcome to Camp Wildwood of South Carolina!

We are a wildlife and outdoors camp with the goal of teaching teenagers about conservation of outdoor habitats and resources. The relationships built at Camp Wildwood is what sets our camp apart from other camps. Everyone leaves camp feeling like they have a hundred new brothers and sisters.



Our counselors and staff is made up of young men and women who have gone through all three years of camp and graduated to a counselor role. The counselors and staff are what make camp so special every year.

Kings Mountain State Park, SC

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