NEW: Holding Spots Policy

Effective September 19, 2019:


Policy regarding holding spots for Camp Wildwood Campers has changed.  From this point forward, we will no longer hold spots for campers.  



  • Over the past few years, camp’s interest has exploded.  Last year we “filled” camp by early November with registrants and spots held.  We had over 65 spots held by Garden Clubs, which was great!  That leaves about 30 spots to the public.  The overwhelming majority of the spots were held with no camper in mind at the time of the request.  I held the spots knowing the Garden Clubs would eventually find a camper.

  • While several deadlines came and went, I turned down over 25 campers because we were “FULL”.  Once we passed the 3rd deadline for campers from the Garden Clubs, I learned that 21 spots held were not going to be filled.  This opened up 16 spots for non-garden club campers but I realized how difficult it was going to be to fill those spots.  By this time the 25 campers that I turned down were contacted, most of them made other plans for the summer and it was a struggle to fill Camp.

  • Also, I can never seem to get our boy/girl ratio close because I am holding spots for both.  Not limiting held spots to a specific gender.


With all that being said, this is new registration procedure:


  • The Garden Clubs across SC are still our priority.  Starting today, you may register ( a camper for Camp Wildwood 2020.  Registration does not start until Oct. 15 for everyone else.  This gives you 25 days to reach out and encourage parent’s of Campers to go ahead and register.  This is a window for only Garden Clubs to register, not the public.

  • As time approached Oct 15, and you feel like you need more time, I will hold a spot for you until Oct. 31.  You must contact me via email @ to request this hold.  

  • Campers are considered “Registered” when the parent/guardian completes the registration form (link above).

  • Payment is not necessary to be considered “Registered”.  Payment can be sent at a later date.

  • Campers that have attend Camp Wildwood before are not eligible to register.  This is only open to NEW campers.

  • Lastly and most importantly, cam is not full by the end of October.  Since we are not holding spots, I foresee camp registration staying open through March.  So please continue to find campers until then.  We will have room.  I just need to fill camp as campers register, not by holding spots.

  • This group is special to me, so I will inform you when we start getting close to full. 



I do apologize if this new policy causes you angst but I believe that this policy will help me out tremendously.   As always, Camp appreciate your had work finding campers.  Y’all are awesome and look fwd to the next batch of campers you discover!

Camp Wildwood is made possible through the support of the Garden Club of South Carolina, Hampton Wildlife Fund and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. We are grateful for the tremendous amount of support we receive every year.

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